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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu The Canonical team has released Ubuntu 12.04 - a new long term support release. The biggest new feature is the HUD, an addition to the traditional application menu system, where you can search for the actions you want to perform instead of having to hunt for them in menus. Unity overall has been improved, and I must say that even though this new release is simply not at all ready for Asus ZenBooks, Unity runs perfectly well on it, and to my own shock and surprise, I'm slowly warming up to it. It's starting to make sense, it looks nice (especially after some custom tweaking), has become a lot more configurable, and it's really, really, really fast.
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I can see it
by screamingturnip on Thu 26th Apr 2012 21:16 UTC
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Use to be unity vexed me, now its just not my cup of tea. That's 12.4, I can see myself using it if I don't do splitscreen and if they can deliver the media experience they're trying for. Multitasking is slightly more annoying than in Mint 12's Gnome 3 but alt tab suffices well enough. Yeah, I might go for it on my little acer netbook.

Last I checked people were still having trouble with Amazon video and I couldn't find a work around. If I can find a way of getting lib-hal working (or some other means) that would help immensely.
edit: that wasn't a plea just a statement. I mean it would be nice if someone knew how but...

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