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Games "I am still struck by just how interested Valve is in Linux as a platform; it is certainly beyond my original expectations. This Linux work just is not some half-assed attempt by them to make it look like they are a Linux-friendly organization. Gabe's vision to support, embrace, and promote Linux are amazing, assuming they execute, which looks to be very high probability at this point." Nice scoop from Phoronix. Seems to all tie in quite well with the prospect of a Steambox running Linux.
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Catalyst Control Center handles OpenGL4.2 just fine. He was referring to the open source Gallium3D drivers, which are just now getting OpenGL3.0 support.

Exactly so, and my apologies for not making that clear.

It's worth pointing out that - at least, the last time I tried it - if you switch to the closed-source drivers, you loose a lot of other functionality. For example, the closed-source drivers don't use GEM, and don't support kernel resolution management. They also don't work with Gnome 3 (again, at least not the last time I tried it). In my experience, switching to the closed-source drivers is like going back in time, to the way that X was in 2002. I have to have an xorg.conf file again, and I have to spend hours screwing around with it with the display disabled to get it to work right. For me, at least, the proprietary drivers aren't a satisfactory solution.

Also also, Linux distributors can't (and/or don't) distribute them. So if you're Valve, and as a practical matter you require your users to use the closed-source drivers for their hardware, then you're requiring them to jump through some extra hoops to install them, potentially including editing an xorg.conf file by hand. You're also requiring them to not use Gnome 3, which limits their choice of distributions. That's not really an option.

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