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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless As I already said yesterday - a bit colourful to get me point across - this older article of mine has proven not to be as accurate as I thought it was, in light of a heap of new information. I want to offer some more background to all this.
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I surprised myself yesterday when I decided on the spot to bid on a refurbished Motorola Admiral on eBay. I've always felt the BlackBerry Curve/Bold form factor was the superior one for smartphones, though I've never loved the software on RIM's devices.

I've since been outbid and it's now out of my budget range, but I am really considering an early switch to that phone if I can find one third-party at an affordable price. I don't particularly care for MotoBlur based on my experience with it on the Cliq, but from what I've read it is much improved on modern devices, to the point of actually being usable.

There's just something about the marriage of a Qwerty keyboard with a touch screen on a candybar form factor that just feels right. No more having to slide out the keyboard, and the Admiral is rugged enough to withstand the typical hard life I condemn my phones to.

So yes, I'm glad Android experimented with all the different form factors back in the day! It leaves us with even more choice when we decide on that software platform.

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