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Google Well, this has been a very, very long time in the making. Google has finally unveiled its big Dropbox competitor: Google Drive. You start with 5GB for free, and you can go all the way to 1TB for $50 per month. This is a big deal for many (if you were to use rumouring as a gauge), but all I can think of is this: why on earth would you entrust your files to a company - any company - whose sole interest is extracting money from you, and who, to boot, is subject to crazy American laws?
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Obviously? Seriously? Israeli Citizens are composed of Atheists, Christian, Muslim and Jewish Religious citizens. Israeli citizens are in no fashion Jews Only despite the far right ultra-extremist political party's in Apartheid Israel that attempts to paint the outside view that all Israeli citizens are 'Jewish'.

It's usually only Jews who know Hebrew, and I doubt an atheist would even take the time to learn it. And you have to know Hebrew to live in Israel if I'm not mistaken, it's the national language.

This is the rhetoric we hear thoughout history. It's antisemitic to the core, and VERY rude in the modern day. "Jews are funny let's make fun of them!" "Let's make fun of their money!" "They are so greedy" "They must be to blame for the money problem!" "Kill the Jews!" THAT IS HOW THIS PROGRESSES...from the PROGRESSIVES! They call themselves "progressive" because they do everything they can to turn things into their way of being. "Molding the world to the hearts desire". That's such BS, it's OUR world, yet I've heard people say "Israel is just one big concentration camp ready to run them all into the ocean to drown." THAT IS SUCH BS!

Sorry, but I'm a son of Abraham and Seth...a son of Adam. I am not Christian nor am I Jewish, but I've done my share of reading, and I'm convinced that the Bible is the truth. Not because it "tells me so" but because no other explanation makes sense as to the goodness in the world. Just look around at all these "party hard" people who think they're just going to dance through life. They aren't dancing through anything, they're going around in circles of their own despair!

Your comments are proof of the evil in the world. You may not be evil yourself, but you think you're smart when all you are doing is perpetuating something that's been going on for thousands of years. The yellow star of David has been used THREE TIMES IN HISTORY NOW! How hard is this to comprehend?! I'm sorry, but I just get so offended at antisemitism. Grow some bawlz and stand for something.

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