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Hardware, Embedded Systems The BBC reviews the Raspberry Pi. "The device may inspire a new generation of computer programmers or it could leave children used to smartphones and tablet computers baffled and bewildered. A great experiment with the way we teach computing has begun and we can't be sure how it will end." Mine's coming the week of May 21.
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The quality of that article is just embarrassing (particularly for me, a BBC licence fee payer).

The use of language is terrible, the opinions are based on conjecture (schools Pi's will be shipped with an enclosure so his whole premise about open circuits being daunting for children is moot) and he even has to fall back to a school kid to write his review.

What's worse is this article isn't even an exception. It's a typical example of how technologically inept this guy is (and I'm not the only person to notice this: )

The Beeb would do well to hire an IT expert with real expertise than the muppets they currently pay to write.


On a plus side, My Raspberry Pi is ETA'ed for next month ;)

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