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Games "I am still struck by just how interested Valve is in Linux as a platform; it is certainly beyond my original expectations. This Linux work just is not some half-assed attempt by them to make it look like they are a Linux-friendly organization. Gabe's vision to support, embrace, and promote Linux are amazing, assuming they execute, which looks to be very high probability at this point." Nice scoop from Phoronix. Seems to all tie in quite well with the prospect of a Steambox running Linux.
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Uh, what are you talking about? All distros support OpenGL be default, there is no other option. If you mean certain OpenGL features, then it's the patented parts of OGL3 that keep some distros from compiling with all features enabled for legal reasons, you can add them back in yourself though.

If you want to see full OpenGL support enabled by default you have to go after the companies that hold the patents to the affected features.

So it's what we've been saying for years, patents are killing the industry and hampering progress, I want my flying car dammit!

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