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BeOS & Derivatives "Ultimately, Haiku represents a different way of viewing your personal computer. If you think that software shouldn't be riddled with bugs and incompatibilities and inefficiencies, if you hate being forced to swap out your hardware and software every few years because 'upgrades' have rendered them obsolete, and if you find that the idea of using an operating system that's fast, responsive, and simple is refreshingly novel and appealing, then maybe, just maybe, Haiku is for you." What fascinates me the most is that Haiku's not working on a tablet version. How delightfully quaint.
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RE: So, let me get this straight
by WorknMan on Fri 27th Apr 2012 22:18 UTC in reply to "So, let me get this straight"
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They try to pimp this OS by presenting other OS's as being slow and unstable/'riddled with bugs', which seems like a straw man argument to me. Personally, as a Windows 7 user, I have 0 issues with speed or stability. And it runs fine on a 5yo Athlon 64 dual core CPU, so not like I'm constantly having to upgrade the hardware to keep up. I'm sure Haiku will run faster, but I don't recall ever having had Windows 7 crash, so I doubt it would be more stable. Of course, Windows 7 isn't stable under ALL circumstances, but if you throw some cheap-ass hardware with badly written drivers and all kinds of crapware running at startup, I'm not really sure any OS could handle that kind of madness.

So, what exactly will I be able to do with Haiku that I can't do with Windows? And I mean stuff I might actually want to do. I suppose it's kinda neat if I can play 4 videos at the same time as playing Quake, while having 30 different apps running in the background without the OS stuttering at all, but c'mon... let's talk real-world scenarios here. I bet it would be cool for audio/video production, but unless some industrial strength DAWs and video editors get ported to it, it won't be much use in that regard.

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