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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless As I already said yesterday - a bit colourful to get me point across - this older article of mine has proven not to be as accurate as I thought it was, in light of a heap of new information. I want to offer some more background to all this.
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by nefer on Sun 29th Apr 2012 12:01 UTC
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This is too funny for words.

Now that its a proven fact what pundits have been saying all along, the subject suddenly has become 'stale'. How quaintly convenient.

The argument that 'Android is a versatile platform that is meant to adopt a range of form factors' is just a cheap scapegoat argument for not having to say "we really don't have a clue what works and what doesn't, so we'll let someone else figure that out for us, and when they do, we'll make sure we can adapt our tools to play in that space too".

Is it a coincidence that the Android prototypes looked like a Blackberries in 2007? It sure isn't. Blackberies were considered top of the hill before the iPhone came along. Nokia and Samsung also copied the blackberry format.

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