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Windows I wish more people who work or have worked for large technology companies were as open, honest, and excited as Steve Wozniak still gets over new technology and gadgets. He recently bought a Nokia Lumia 900 - and he's loving it. So much so, in fact, that he claims it's better than Android and iOS in many respects.
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RE[5]: Comment by Radio
by Radio on Sun 29th Apr 2012 20:19 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by Radio"
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Thank you for going from reasonable discourse to a ranting style. You are obviously NOT the target market for WP7/W8 and iOS, so why are you bothering to comment in here when it obviously gets your blood pressure up? We need dissenting view points to stay alive so we can have viable competition to keep things interesting ;)

And my rant was driving the point that WP7 is not competition. Microsoft and Apple are the same thing in a different package. If I don't like Apple's offering or politics, what use is it for me to go to a Microsoft who does the exact same thing? There is no true competition.

If you learned a bit of economics, you may remember that perfect competition happens in a field with a lot of competitors, numerous enough to ensure none of them has enough influence alone on the market, and that any collusion would be hard to set up. As it is, the OS market is an oligopoly - and always will be, for a question of coders always settling en masse for one, or two, at most three, standards. WP7 does not give "choice" by its existence alone. Metro is nice, but it is a gimmick, and is a vain attempt at originality because nothing else is original in WP7.

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