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BeOS & Derivatives "During the coding period, I will first work on the boot loader. I intend to modify the existing x86 boot loader so that it is capable of loading both a 32-bit Haiku kernel and a 64-bit one. Once this is done, I will work on implementing the x86_64 architecture functionality in the kernel. Finally, I will port modules and drivers to the 64-bit kernel. Should I have time, I will also begin work on porting userland." Heck. Yes.
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fast or slow
by the old rang on Mon 30th Apr 2012 03:30 UTC
the old rang
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For many years, Microsoft turned all computers made and shipped for windows, into16 bit slow deamons (This included XP... I could care less to know if anything after that, continued the insanity) All it took, to make most windows systems faster was a simple line of boot code, specifying a 32 bit system. Yes the default was to process as a 386/486. (after the line of code was used, all 16 bit channels that could, became 32 bit, and communication to disks, ram, and within the processor, doubled in band width, so to speak.)

Strange to see that the desire for 64 bit is not comprehended. That would make data channels faster, too... not just the processor (or, that was the case with windows). Also, with 'more speed' and 'more power'... Tim Taylor is happier.

I tried the live-CD of Haiku. Even from CD, it was fast (especially using that as a handicapper).

But, it seems, display drivers (and a few other drivers, etc,) would mean more acceptance... a bit more polish on the GUI, would also help.

I am sure, the systems will be fast, with Haiku. But, unlike 'Steam Punk' and its looks, Haiku seems to be a grainy, kludgey display/interface that has no sentimental value.

I was able to work out how things got done, but, I was not impressed with the interface. I use Ubuntu, and am not at all amused by dis-Unity (ergo, I am using 10.04).

I found that BeOS's grandchild, so to speak, is still amazing in speed... but, it seemed to have been cleaner back then.

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