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BeOS & Derivatives "During the coding period, I will first work on the boot loader. I intend to modify the existing x86 boot loader so that it is capable of loading both a 32-bit Haiku kernel and a 64-bit one. Once this is done, I will work on implementing the x86_64 architecture functionality in the kernel. Finally, I will port modules and drivers to the 64-bit kernel. Should I have time, I will also begin work on porting userland." Heck. Yes.
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Media OS
by Earl C Pottinger on Mon 30th Apr 2012 04:57 UTC
Earl C Pottinger
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If Haiku-OS wants to remain a media-OS it helps if you can keep all the media files you are working on in memory. 2GB is fine for holding multiple sound tracks but once you want to edit video streams the more memory the better.

My Intel-SSD tops out at 185MB/s on my cheap Haiku-OS and I still notice a response difference between large media files on the SSD vs RAMDISK vs cached in ram.

The more ram the better.

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