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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Barnes & Noble is spinning off its Nook e-reader business into a new company - which will be a cooperation with Microsoft. Redmond will invest $300 million into the new company, and on top of that, the two companies have settled the patent litigation, which was part of Microsoft's string of mafia practices against Android vendors. I have a sneaking suspicion this will be the end of the line for the Android-based Nook e-readers and tablets. Get 'm while supplies last.
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RE: Damn!
by Laurence on Mon 30th Apr 2012 13:31 UTC in reply to "Damn!"
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Looks, like their patents are enforceable. B'n'N was the only company that had balls to fight frontally.
Looks like MS money was sweeter than OS independence. Apparently Amazon success made them less self confident.
Does Amazon pay MS for Android?

Sadly we will never know if Microsoft's patents were enforceable. In fact, I wouldn't be at all surprised if Microsoft offered this much money knowing that:
a/ their patents would never be invalidated thus keeping their Android royalties streaming in
b/ guaranteeing a platform to release their new flagship tablet OS.

All in all, this is a clever move by Microsoft.

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