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Apple "Apple, the world's most profitable technology company, doesn't design iPhones here. It doesn't run AppleCare customer service from this city. And it doesn't manufacture MacBooks or iPads anywhere nearby. Yet, with a handful of employees in a small office here in Reno, Apple has done something central to its corporate strategy: it has avoided millions of dollars in taxes in California and 20 other states." Sure, this is all legal for companies to do (and Apple obviously isn't alone) but it does show you how much sense of morality companies have. Answer: none. But hey, it's legal, and the law is never wrong, right?
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by Gullible Jones on Mon 30th Apr 2012 18:13 UTC
Gullible Jones
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Boy, I can't wait to see America go back its pure, Darwinist roots.

Don't have a job? Your fault. Doesn't matter if nobody's hiring, you're just not looking hard enough.

No money? Sorry, can't help you. No education? You haven't pulled yourself up by your bootstraps, so you don't deserve it. No food? Go eat some dirt. It'll fill your stomach for a while.

In your ideal world, I would be dead fifty times over. So would some of my closest friends. Go on, keep thinking you don't owe anyone anything; the truth is, there isn't a single one of us who doesn't owe somebody something. "Self-made man" is the biggest oxymoron in the world. There are homeless shelters in this country that are full of "self-made men."

Sure, life's unfair. That doesn't matter; the whole point of human civilization, or what passes for civilization at this point, is to make it less unfair. To minimize the chances of the individual - or the species - getting screwed over by circumstances outside their control.

And yes, I realize that we've failed at that. Repeatedly. We have to keep trying. What's the point otherwise? We might as well go back to living in caves, grunting at each other, and praying that the God of Cholera doesn't wipe us all out.

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