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Legal "File-sharing site The Pirate Bay must be blocked by UK internet service providers, the High Court has ruled. The Swedish website hosts links to download mostly-pirated free music and video. Sky, Everything Everywhere, TalkTalk, O2 and Virgin Media must all prevent their users from accessing the site." Because, as we all know, protecting failing and outdated business models is more important than upholding stodgy old and annoying concepts like 'freedom of speech'. Repeat after me: we live in the free world, not China. Maybe if we say it often enough, we'll start believing it.
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[q]Apparently only consumers should have rights nowadays.

That's what I was taught the free market was supposed to be about.

The free market is about a lot of things, but by no means a mechanism by which producers are denied by law the right to sell their own products under their own demands, and certainly not demanded by law to give their product away for free against their will. If consumers aren't happy with what the producer demands, they go to another producer instead of just taking what they want for free.

[q]So enlighten us: why is it artists that are signed to major labels often come out OWING those labels money despite making decent sales? How has copyright helped those artists?

Basically because they are stupid enough to agree with such contracts and give the rights to their work to a corporation who does not care for them nor the work. Just boycott major labels if you don't like what they do.

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