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Legal Java creator James Gosling: "Just because Sun didn't have patent suits in our genetic code doesn't mean we didn't feel wronged. While I have differences with Oracle, in this case they are in the right. Google totally slimed Sun. We were all really disturbed, even Jonathan: he just decided to put on a happy face and tried to turn lemons into lemonade, which annoyed a lot of folks at Sun." Ouch. Also, doesn't jive with Schwartz' comments - might be illustrative of how bad things really were at the once great Sun.
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RE: C++ forever
by pooo on Mon 30th Apr 2012 22:12 UTC in reply to "C++ forever"
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Java sucks? Yes
C++ forever (for modern application development)? WTF are you smoking?

Seriously there is one language that has, on it's own, nurtured an explosion of great apps in the last couple years: *Javascript* + HTML + CSS3.

Please can someone realize this for a desktop environment so we can move forward at a pace that isn't bound by 1990's languages and technology (gnome3 sort of except not sucky like gnome3 and not with gtk)

For mobile development it is just a matter of time. With chrome for android 4, there is now hardware acceleration for css transforms and mobile apps will feel as buttery smooth as native. Plus app development time will literally be 1/2 developing in Java. The webkit widget for ios is sadly crippled but also getting better.

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