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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Ballmer's visit takes place shortly after LG Electronics' executive said during an earnings conference session last week that the company is planning to focus on smartphones running on Google's Android mobile operating system. The executive also said LG is taking a step back from Windows phones powered by Microsoft's platform, adding that it will 'continue research and development efforts' on Windows Phones." Anyone surprised by this should have their peepers checked.
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pre android and iphone how many software upgrades did your phone manufacturer give you ? How many times did phone manufacturers give you their latest version of Symbian ??

This is what I don't get, pre current generation smart phones, phone manufacturers never upgraded phones to give the latest version of Symbian you got what you got and done. These are all of the phones getting or have android 4, all of Sony's 2010-2011 phones have or will be getting upgraded to android 4.

The max contract length I have seen is 2 years, upgrade or root your phone, your choice and most importantly you have that choice, because android is open source.

Also LG is obviously so worried about android and the Google / Motorola deal that they are focusing more on Android ? makes me think no phone manufacturer gives a damn about the deal, thats old news.

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