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Internet & Networking "Starting today, users in the United States and UK will be able to add that they're organ donors to their Timelines, and if they're not organ donors, they can find links to official organ donation registries and instantly enroll." A commendable effort, but for some reason, I find it quite creepy, too. What if you leave your Facebook open and someone enlists you? On a related note - if you're not registered as a donor yet, please consider doing so. It might save someone's life.
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RE[4]: Opt-out here
by cfgr on Tue 1st May 2012 18:59 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Opt-out here"
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I can understand some of the principal arguments against an opt-out system, but I think it boils down to trust in your government. I think mine (Belgian) has a great many flaws, but there are a lot of things they do right as well. This is one of them.

Compare that to the Netherlands where there is an opt-in system (due to protestant lobbying - how very Christian of them!). There was a lot of anger here a year ago because in the EU you are not allowed to deny other EU citizens basic rights such as healthcare. So what happened is that the Netherlands have long waiting lists due to their opt-in system, and therefore Dutch people signed up on Belgian waiting lists instead (which are much shorter due to the opt-out). Needless to say, our lists increased, our own citizens were not allowed to get priority due to the EU equality rules, and we were basically carrying the costs for Dutch healthcare.

The anger wasn't really about that our lists increased, but about the fact that the Netherlands stubbornly refused to go for an opt-out system while profiting of their more enlightened neighbouring countries who do.

It's not an easy thing to decide on when looking from a "does my government have the right to decide over my body?" angle, but I am nonetheless convinced that overall an opt-out donation system is the best way for a healthy social community.

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