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General Development Django for Python is the most recently announced of what is becoming a long line of web frameworks inspired by Ruby on Rails. Others that have popped up include MonoRail for .NET & Mono, Subway for Python, Trails for Java, Catalyst and Maypole for Perl. In the context of all these rails derivatives, this article on "Could Rails have been built without Ruby?" is an interesting read.
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by Adam S on Sat 16th Jul 2005 20:58 UTC
Adam S
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I'll tell you what - I just built my first basic Ruby-on-Rails web app, and it IS really really simple and powerful. But it still requires you to know Ruby for it to give you the full flexibility. Until then, I can write and manipulate PHP much faster, it's typing the damned interface that takes so long. And you still need to do most of that with RoR.

At some point in the near future, these framework type applications are going to be very pervasive and they will learn how to scale well. And that point, I think knowing the intimate corners of your code will become a lost art in some ways, as people begin to find out that frameworks can do almost all of the heavy lifting.

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