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Mono Project Wow. "One crazy idea that the team had at that dinner was to translate Android's source code to C#. Android would benefit from C# performance features like structures, P/Invoke, real generics and our more mature runtime. [...] We decided it was crazy enough to try. So we started a small skunkworks project with the goal of doing a machine translation of Android from Java to C#. We called this project XobotOS." Most of Android's layouts and controls are now in C#. The small benchmark is stunning, but as much as I admire the work, I'm wondering that this like going from bad to worse - from Oracle's Java to Microsoft's C#.
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Google talked about doing Android in C# but decided against it because at the time they were making the choice Java was a sun product and it likely seemed less evil than Microsoft at the time.

Either way, why not just apply for a license from Microsoft just to know they are covered? I can just about promise that they are considering it and talking with Microsoft about the terms.

The problem with that decision is Visual Studio and C# are already a really good development platform for Windows Phone and having Android on C# would translate to a huge influx of Windows Phone applications and developers.

If Microsoft were smart they would be knocking on Google's door with "we promise not to sue you for using C#" papers because they would instantly become relevant in the mobile space again and many others in the industry might follow the Java to C# transition in the process.

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