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Mono Project Wow. "One crazy idea that the team had at that dinner was to translate Android's source code to C#. Android would benefit from C# performance features like structures, P/Invoke, real generics and our more mature runtime. [...] We decided it was crazy enough to try. So we started a small skunkworks project with the goal of doing a machine translation of Android from Java to C#. We called this project XobotOS." Most of Android's layouts and controls are now in C#. The small benchmark is stunning, but as much as I admire the work, I'm wondering that this like going from bad to worse - from Oracle's Java to Microsoft's C#.
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by henderson101 on Wed 2nd May 2012 11:02 UTC in reply to "Comment by snorkel1"
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I can't believe the load of bull love for C#, it's not that great, I would take Free Pascal over C# any day.

Pascal is a compiled language with no garbage collection. C# is a garbage collected language that targets a VM. <sarcasm> Yes, I can see why they are exactly the same. </sarcasm> You may as well have said "why don't they use Python" or some other random language. Object Pascal is something I did as a day job for over 10 years, I know enough to tell you that you are delusional.

You also don't even know basic facts about C# and the CLR, as proven by your next statement:

P/Invoke is a freaking pain in the ass, I don't have to do any of that crap with Free Pascal and or Delphi

You prove you are clueless. Yes you do. Frequently. How do you import a function in a library in Borland's Object Pascal dialect?

procedure Foo(X: Integer); external 'BAR';

How do you do this in C#?

[DllImport("bar.dll")] void Foo( int X);

Or, if you are going to be pedantic and insist on Pascal, in Delphi Prism :

[DllImport("bar.dll")] procedure Foo(X: integer); external;

Yeah, so very different and so very hard. <sarcasm> Let's hate on P/Invoke because the syntax is just ridiculously complicated, yeah, impossible... </sarcasm>

and I have Generics etc.

No, you have "kinds of generics". The FreePascal version is more like templates (and depending on compiler build can be quite broken in my experience) and the Delphi version depends on which flavour you mean. Delphi Prism uses .Net, Delphi for Windows uses Borland/Codegear "version" and Delphi for Mac OS X and iOS uses FreePascal, which is not an exact analogue.

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