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Legal "Motorola Mobility has been granted an injunction against the distribution of key Microsoft products in Germany. The sales ban covers the Xbox 360 games console, Windows 7 system software, Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player. It follows a ruling that Microsoft had infringed two patents necessary to offer H.264 video coding and playback." But... But... The MPEG-LA, Apple, and Microsoft have been lying to us all this time about the safety of using H264 over WebM, with their supporters blindly parroting the party line? This surprises me greatly and deeply, and I dare say I have not seen this coming at all. Not at all. No sir. Not at all.
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FRAND obligations..
by bert64 on Wed 2nd May 2012 12:00 UTC
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As i understand it, Motorola are under no obligation whatsoever... They are not a member of the MPEG-LA group according to the site:

Nice to see MPEG-LA and MS getting a taste of their own medicine... Now let's hope all these patent lawsuits end up hurting the big players enough that they are motivated to do something about it...

On the other hand, the current patent system only benefits lawyers, and given that most politicians are lawyers i doubt they will do anything that cuts off such a revenue stream for themselves.

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