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Apple Apple is rejecting applications that use Dropbox because if the user of such an application does not have the actual Dropbox application installed, he is presented with a Dropbox login form through Safari, which happens to also show a sign-up link, and after clicking on that sign-up link, users could potentially run into one of the paid Dropbox options. Application developers and users surprised by this may need to read about the frog and the scorpion.
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by scarr on Wed 2nd May 2012 13:48 UTC
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Look, this _sounds_ silly because it is dropbox. Many of us like it and use it.

But, I'm happy Apple is sticking to their guns here. When I download an App, the last thing I want is for that app to redirect me to some web site to buy something else. Remember 5 years ago when we had to install all these add ons to remove popup web dialogs? I'm glad Apple is [mostly] keeping that paradigm out of the App Store.

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