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Legal I love it when ancient proverbs come to life. If you can't compete, litigate. Right, Nokia? It's suing HTC, RIM, and Viewsonic in the US and Germany over 45 FRAND patents. The world is so predictable, and the technology world even more so. Ever since Microsoft got its claws on this company, its morals and values have been going downhill.
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by acobar on Wed 2nd May 2012 18:35 UTC in reply to "Comment by zizban"
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Until we have a way more severe accountability for publicly traded companies nothing will stop the top executives to pursue their own goals, i.e. make money in a short time period irrespectively of what would be the best interest for small shareholder and employees.

In a time when most of us have our retirement fund on shares from companies we work on, even as part of income, the top executives should be the first to have all their money on front line to honor any loss their decision would trigger.

I am not advocating government supervision, they are already bad enough trying to provide public services, only more severe laws to discourage some selfish business man to walk on lines they should not.

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