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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Firefox is receiving yet another interface overhaul. Dubbed Australis, the new UI (and UX) will span, embrace, and unify the desktop, tablet, and smartphone versions of Firefox." I like the Metro one - very curious to see what Chrome has up its sleeve for Metro.
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Comment by Gusar
by Gusar on Wed 2nd May 2012 19:16 UTC
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I don't like Metro browsers. At all. Tablets have enough resolution and screen real-estate for an always visible, classic tabbar. It works fine on Android tablets. Heck, I use a browser with such a tabbar even on my phone!

Does Microsoft really expect people will use Metro browsers on a desktop/laptop? As benali72 above, I too don't see anything good in the tabletification of desktop UIs.

As for Australis in general, it doesn't move me either. I use Linux, and I patch Firefox to give me back native GTK tabs.

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