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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Firefox is receiving yet another interface overhaul. Dubbed Australis, the new UI (and UX) will span, embrace, and unify the desktop, tablet, and smartphone versions of Firefox." I like the Metro one - very curious to see what Chrome has up its sleeve for Metro.
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<whiiiiine>Nooooooo!</whiiiiine> Mobile is the future, THE FUTURE I tell you! Even though it still accounts for, what, 15% of devices used for browsing the web (if that) and mobile UIs are basically prettied-up throwbacks to GUIs from the late 80s.... but it's still THE FUTURE! Every interface has to be "touch-friendly" first and foremost, even those where touch won't be the primary input method and even if the focus on "touch-friendliness" is detrimental when mice & keyboards are the primary/only input...

FUTURE, damn it!

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