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Apple Apple is rejecting applications that use Dropbox because if the user of such an application does not have the actual Dropbox application installed, he is presented with a Dropbox login form through Safari, which happens to also show a sign-up link, and after clicking on that sign-up link, users could potentially run into one of the paid Dropbox options. Application developers and users surprised by this may need to read about the frog and the scorpion.
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RE[3]: I hate the inconsistency
by Alfman on Thu 3rd May 2012 01:34 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: I hate the inconsistency"
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"Apple does not have a monopoly on tablets, and certainly not on phones."

Personally I would like to see a law that explicitly entitles users to access 3rd party app stores from any hardware that has a built in app store. This would not be specific to apple.

"It is only when the government interferes that we get shit like the DMCA and software patents. The further the government stays away from these affairs, the better."

I'd argue that crap came about because of corporate ties to government. If we presume that government must be controlled by corporate interests, then I concede that we are better off with less intervention. In a government that stands for the people however, it has a duty to intervene on abusive market practices and encourage healthy competition.

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