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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless It's about time. RIM is in deep trouble, and is seeing its smartphone market share being eaten left and right by Android and iOS. After being more or less the equivalent of a deer caught in the headlights, the company has now finally unveiled its answer to the original iPhone - 5 years too late.
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RIM is cooked
by morglum666 on Thu 3rd May 2012 13:29 UTC
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Disclaimer: I do not work for RIM. I used to work for a waterloo based company that did some dealings with RIM and many of our staff worked for RIM before or after.

Rim is basically cooked. They remind me of the UK's response to the olympics by putting in anti-aircaft missles on rooftops. Like the military, they are only good at responding to last year's war.

The blackberry build quality has suffered. Reliable? Yes. Battery life - not that good. Apps? none to speak of. If you want value from a phone or device you have to have an application that does something for you.. and blackberries don't do that.

If you look at the sales that Apple has on the consumer side it would only take a mild amount of effort to add the enterprise components needed to utterly crush rim.

Apple is on one end of the functionality / fun side which does clash with the security focus of the blackberry devices. It'll be interesting to see if they can blend both.

Their marketing is also terrible. Literally, other than this new switch to touch, can you tell one blackberry from another? Worth $500?

Finally - the movers and shakers have moved or are moving from blackberry to Apple and android devices. As soon as that happens you have maybe a year, or two and it'll trickle down the organization. RIM is no longer a safe bet.

It's sad too at some level because this was a great enginering company and a Canadian success story.


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