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Legal "The European Court of Justice ruled on Wednesday that application programming interfaces and other functional characteristics of computer software are not eligible for copyright protection. Users have the right to examine computer software in order to clone its functionality - and vendors cannot override these user rights with a license agreement, the court said." Bravo. A landmark ruling, for sure. If the US courts decide in favour of Oracle in the Google-Oracle case, Europe would instantly become an even friendlier place for technology companies.
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If implementing austerity during a recession or during a recovery from a recession is so great, why have multiple European governments collapsed due to it (I think Thom's own Holland is an example), why is Europe in doule dip recession (the US is not), and why are national debts actually increasing (for example, see the UK, where Cameron's austerity has led to an increase in national debt due to low tax revenue resulting from the double dip recession that austerity brought on).

Another question: Why are so many European countries simply doing whatever Germany tells them to do? Germany demands austerity, so the other countries do it. Who appointed Germany as economic steward of the EU?

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