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Windows I wish more people who work or have worked for large technology companies were as open, honest, and excited as Steve Wozniak still gets over new technology and gadgets. He recently bought a Nokia Lumia 900 - and he's loving it. So much so, in fact, that he claims it's better than Android and iOS in many respects.
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RE[2]: Comment by kovacm
by kovacm on Thu 3rd May 2012 18:51 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by kovacm"
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in short:

Microsoft bring shity technology to main stream with delay of 7 years.

This is enough for me to hate them from heart.
I watch what they do for past 20 years and I am sure that there is no place for Windows Phone 7 simple because developers wont support them.

Beside Microsoft strategy for tablets (aka Metro and Windows 8) will also fail: it is to little, to late. (they have no other option but to use Windows as vessel for tablet OS but at the end it is again: to little, to late).

I am glad that Apple philosophy will beat Microsoft - software and hardware SHOULD NOT BE SEPARATE ! (all other companies that follow this principle fail (Atari, Amiga, SGI, Sun...): all that companies move things forward but could not fight against "lowest common denominator" that was PC and Microsoft.

Only Apple survive thanx to brilliant moves of Steve Jobs, thanx to NextStep...

I am sure that Microsoft have it's golden years and that they are in decline path. Maybe they will have success in cloud business but smartphone and tablet war is lost for them.

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