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Graphics, User Interfaces It's here: the GIMP 2.8. Its biggest feature is something that many, many people have been requesting for as long as I can remember: single-window mode. No longer do you have to fiddle with a gazillion palette and dialog windows (unless you choose to do so, of course). Great work by the team.
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RE: Comment by Sodki
by burnttoys on Fri 4th May 2012 06:14 UTC in reply to "Comment by Sodki"
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The comparison is not that simple.

I run Pixelmator on my Mac and, when I have to, GIMP under Ubuntu. I confess I haven't touched PotatoShop in years as PM is MASSES cheaper!

The biggest issue with GIMP _IS_ that all of those windows, at least on my 11.04 version of Ubuntu, is a separate entry in the task bar/dock. Each has to be tabbed through. It is VERY annoying and adds enormous, unwarranted, clutter to the screen.

Also, weirdly, each GIMP editor window seems to have a complete application menu system which, for no really explainable reason, I find utterly confusing.

On my Mac all the Pixelmator windows are controlled through a single application "Dock" icon. It is a much cleaner system.

The single menu bar of the Mac also removes confusion (The number of times I have to think about how to close GIMP and exactly which close button I need to click is testament to the fact it "doesn't work").

Lastly, they REALLY need to change the name. If you worked in the public sector (schools for example) you'd baulk at installing software on school computers going by the name of "GIMP"... Why?

Yup, it's a memorable name... but probably for the wrong reasons.

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