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Graphics, User Interfaces It's here: the GIMP 2.8. Its biggest feature is something that many, many people have been requesting for as long as I can remember: single-window mode. No longer do you have to fiddle with a gazillion palette and dialog windows (unless you choose to do so, of course). Great work by the team.
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by UltraZelda64 on Fri 4th May 2012 07:31 UTC
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I just wish I could try out the latest and greatest sometimes, like now with the new GIMP, without having to compile. Does anyone know if this will end up making it into Debian Backports any time soon (or at all)?

I've got used to the GIMP's multi-window layout, but I'm curious to find out how it actually feels using it in single-window mode. Honestly, I would probably prefer it, although I can work with either way. My screen's resolution (1680x1050) is not the greatest for working with large images with three windows.

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