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OpenBSD Theo de Raadt has announced the release of OpenBSD 5.1. The OpenBSD 5.1 release page has a detailed list of all changes and improvements. As always, I would love for someone to write proper items about OpenBSD releases - it's outside my interests and cursory glances don't do it justice.
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by dbolgheroni on Fri 4th May 2012 14:47 UTC in reply to "Comment by marcp"
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- third party apps are quite often unstable, breaking the whole fun. They seem to crash now and then producing quite huge coredumps [*.core files] in your home directory

Often, when you install a critical 3rd-party package (e.g. a memory hog one), you'll see some instructions on how to deal with it. In most cases, an

$ ulimit -d 1048576

will solve your problem.

As explained by 0brad0, OpenBSD uses a different allocator, more restrictive, that doesn't allow crap software.

- OpenBSD is not the fastest OS on earth, but that's not a rant. I kinda made peace with it

What I have seen so far, and strangely enough, are that users who recompile kernels to cut some MBs are the ones who generally have GBs of memory. In the same line, users who complain about speed _generally_ have multi-GHz CPUs. Is this the case?

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