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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Ron Amadeo argues that the SIII is ugly because it was designed by lawyers. "So there you have it. A darn-near perfect explanation of the GSIII design. Sure, it's butt ugly, but it's also 100% (well maybe 90%) lawyer approved. An amorphous, unsymmetrical blob that doesn't come in black, with a non-permanent dock and non-square icons. There's no way Apple can add this design to their Samsung lawsuit." Sure would explain how Samsung went from the elegantly understated SII to this monstrosity of a phone. Anyone out there who actually likes the SIII's 'design'? If so, care to explain why?
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I like it
by jburnett on Sat 5th May 2012 04:04 UTC
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I have not held one yet, so it may change when I actually do, but as of right now, I like it. It looks good. Black would be nice, but not necessary. I wonder if the asymmetrical design is actual utility inspired instead of aesthetic. It might make it easier to hold, type, and talk.

Just because it tries something different does not make it bad. It is not even that different.

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