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Windows I wish more people who work or have worked for large technology companies were as open, honest, and excited as Steve Wozniak still gets over new technology and gadgets. He recently bought a Nokia Lumia 900 - and he's loving it. So much so, in fact, that he claims it's better than Android and iOS in many respects.
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by zima on Sat 5th May 2012 23:59 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by kovacm"
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Also, be careful of declaring Android a healthy market, as only Samsung is making real money there. All other OEMs are struggling or outright losing money.

ZTE (heard of them? ...the 4th largest mobile phone maker, probably quite soon becoming 3rd) isn't struggling, likewise Huawei and such OEMs, just like it happened with PCs, more or less. You might also look into HTC financial reports.

And Google itself isn't seeing much return on Android either (mainly because in the mobile space there are so many apps that take the place of mobile web sites, and it's difficult for Google to serve up ads in those apps).

Just like it is on all platforms. Anyway, the licensing fees alone (for "Google experience" branding) most likely more than offset Android development costs, that's enough for Google (their main goal, "good enough" for them being when no other platform becomes too widespread & able to cut them off from participation in future trends)

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