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Google This is absolutely fascinating. Steven Troughton-Smith has gotten his hands on one of the two early Android prototypes - the Google 'Sooner'. The Sooner is the BlackBerry-esque Google phone, which was supposed to be released first, followed by the much more advanced Google Dream (yup, what would eventually become the G1). Lots of high-res screenhots to get a good look at early Android. Update: Fascinating comment.
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RE[5]: A little misleading
by Alfman on Tue 8th May 2012 06:32 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: A little misleading"
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"For an example from Apple, look at the statements that Siri cannot be ported to pre-4S hardware because the hardware is not powerful enough, or that the iPhone 3G couldn't multitask."

I have no authority on the subject, nor do I much care, but as I understand it siri not only worked on pre-4S hardware, but was actually available to customers in the store prior to apple buying them out and pulling the app.

Trouble is vendors have no incentive to ever add support for older hardware even if possible. In fact the opposite is usually true, they'd prefer the apps not be compatible on existing hardware even if it is trivial.

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