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Graphics, User Interfaces It's here: the GIMP 2.8. Its biggest feature is something that many, many people have been requesting for as long as I can remember: single-window mode. No longer do you have to fiddle with a gazillion palette and dialog windows (unless you choose to do so, of course). Great work by the team.
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by sPAZbEAT on Tue 8th May 2012 08:04 UTC
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I'm, very non-professional image editor user, but experienced enough with computers, that i know how to quickly find *good* open source or freeware, or if either exists.
around 2006, i tried Photoshop 7 (already an older version.) I couldn't work out how to use it. i then tried the current stable gimp (2.4?) and was able to use it.
But I use gimp about once per year. I search a little for my task, then follow somebody's steps, or use the plugin or 'scriptfu' they mention. I already knew Irfanview, so I usually use it.

I can easily see how pixelmator and are the 3 buck hammer. most people won't buy separate framing and finish hammers (with fiberglass or steel handles) just to whack together a kit doghouse.

or, sketchup is the 142 cent hammer, and blender is the 30 buck hammer.

gimp vs photoshop for pros.
cymk. search finds some sort of plugin for gimp.
I had trouble finding good arguments besides Photoshop's familiar gui for those educated on Photoshop. Pro-photoshop but suggests Krita (has potential?),
8-bit/channel looks like a major gimp debility.
I don't know what spot or transformations are.

And when i see the word "gimp", I visualize an old guy named "hop along" gimping along railroad tracks with untrimmed grass beyond the ballast. "Gimp" never reminds me of sex, but there was a song called "sex dwarf", "Luring disco dollies to a life of vice".

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