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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Tizen reached 1.0 only recently, but there's already a Tizen Conference going on - and during that conference, Samsung had a relatively barebones reference device running Tizen 1.0. The Handheld Blog has a seven minute video of the device in action, and while I'm very happy big players are investing in all these alternative platforms, I do have to wonder - how viable are they?
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Comment by RichterKuato
by RichterKuato on Tue 8th May 2012 13:55 UTC
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I'm not sure about the viability of Tizen either but I also don't know much about Samsungs strategy with it either. So far I'm impressed that they've built their own OS rather than acquire a company that built one.

A video I just saw suggested that it'll target high end devices. For that to work out it'll need to come bundled with some very compelling software from the start and be marketed accordingly. So far that is something RIM doesn't even seem to be doing right. Not a surprise given that building your own killer applications is difficult and expensive.

I'm hoping to be surprised here.

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