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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Tizen reached 1.0 only recently, but there's already a Tizen Conference going on - and during that conference, Samsung had a relatively barebones reference device running Tizen 1.0. The Handheld Blog has a seven minute video of the device in action, and while I'm very happy big players are investing in all these alternative platforms, I do have to wonder - how viable are they?
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Tizen runs Bada apps mostly without changes
by Lennie on Tue 8th May 2012 20:18 UTC
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If I understood correctly, the current market of Bada is pretty big in Asia.

And also I believe Tizen runs Bada apps mostly unmodified.

Tizen is probably gonna be the successor to Bada.

Bada is more efficient than Android, iOS or WP. It looks like Tizen probably will be too.

So that means it will run on cheaper devices than the others.

Thus Tizen already has a market.

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