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Features, Office "The Apache OpenOffice Project today announced the availability of Apache OpenOffice 3.4, the first release of OpenOffice under the governance of the Apache Software Foundation." I don't think OpenOffice could have ended up in a better foster home.
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RE: So, what's the deal?
by pfgbsd on Tue 8th May 2012 21:59 UTC in reply to "So, what's the deal?"
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I thought most/all the OO devs had flocked to LibreOffice because of Oracle being lame, which I assume meant OO would be left to rot.

It was sort of the other way around: most of the OOo devs were paid by Oracle and when LO forked most of them lost their jobs and are not working in OO anymore. A few were hired by RedHat to work on LO and some other were hired by IBM to work on AOO but the vast majority of them are working on other things.

Both projects have been cleaning the code in orthogonal ways but AOO has been more conservative as they will bring in a lot of code from IBM's Lotus Symphony.

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