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Internet & Networking Yeah, this is pretty awesome for us Dutch (all 16 million of them) here in this glorified swamp. Today, our new telecommunications act was accepted by the senate - usually a formality, but still a possible point of failure. Why is this news? Well, this new telecommunications act includes unconditional net neutrality, making us the second country in the world to codify unconditional net neutrality (after Chile). Mobile or regular, net neutrality for all. We're running ahead of Europe here, so hopefully the rest of the EU is going to just copy/paste this one.
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At what cost?
by Berend de Boer on Wed 9th May 2012 01:46 UTC
Berend de Boer
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And what was the cost to the poorest people?

This government intervention led to an immediate increase in cost. The only beneficiaries are the rich yuppies who know how to employ voip over their mobiles.

It is nonsensical to claim that the cost of transmitting http is the same as voip, so it's basically another subsidy from the poor to the rich.

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