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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless This is fun. The number one iOS carrier duking it out with the company behind the world's most popular smartphone operating system. Last month, Google's lead for the Android Open Source Project, Jean-Baptiste Queru, more or less blamed carriers (see comments) for Android's upgrade woes. Yesterday, AT&T's CEO Randall Stephenson retaliated, blaming Google for the delays. And yes, Google already responded to that, too.
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by kurkosdr on Wed 9th May 2012 18:30 UTC
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Sorry pal, this is not the whole story. If the carriers and OEMs are to blame for Android's upgrade problems, then why the non-carrier subsidized version of the Nexus S took so long to receive 4.0 (compared to the Galaxy Nexus)? Oh yeah, drivers ("binary blobs" as they are called in linux). There was an early 4.0 upgrade for the Nexus S, but it later got pulled because it caused driver issues. Some months after, the Nexus S finally got 4.0

We ll have to admit that Linux's "if it's not open source and in the kernel tree, it will probably break during the next upgrade" approach to drivers just isn't working for cellphones, where many drivers are proprietary. These guys need to come up with a stable ABI.

Of course, carriers and OEMs are another hoop the upgrade has to go through. IMO this upgrade thing mayhem to kill Android. Windows Phone users may not get upgraded from WP7 to WP8, but at least they will receive upgrades for WP8 for a much longer time than any Android phone will.

PS: Oh, and when Google "releases" Android, they release source only for whatever hardware the most recent Nexus has. It's up to the OEMs to adapt/rewritte the new source to the hardware their phones are running.

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