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Hardware, Embedded Systems Speaking of HP, the company replied to a question if they copied Apple for their latest ultrabook, the Envy Spectre XT. "There are similarities in a way, not due to Apple but due to the way technologies developed. Apple may like to think that they own silver, but they don't. In no way did HP try to mimic Apple. In life there are a lot of similarities." It's an ultrabook, a category of laptops defined by Intel. Coincidentally, Intel also developed the internals of the MacBook Air. These products are looking relatively similar because their internals have been designed by the same damn company. Get over it.
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A fraction? In what world do you live? The ENTIRE board, processor, graphics chip, and cooling solution were designed by Intel - which defines a HUGE portion of the outer shell of the device. The stick hard drive, meanwhile, was developed by Toshiba or Hitachi (I forgot). Board/chip-wise, nothing came from Apple. Zero. Nada.

... you keep saying this while ignoring the fact that what you are talking about is the 4th iteration of the Macbook Air. Yes, the current generation devices generally follow Intel's ultrabook spec - but the orginal 2008 design and the two follow-on updates PREDATE Intel's ultrabook spec. And outside of a few very small cosmetic details, externally the different generations are nearly identical.

Intel provided a custom CPU/packaging for earlier Airs - but they did not design the PCB. Hell, the 2nd and 3rd generation devices didnt even have Intel GPUs OR chipsets - they were Nvidia. Are you claiming that Intel designed a solution for Apple with an Nvidia chipset???

I personally don't give two sh*ts who created what when - I just don't understand why you seem to be on a crusade to discredit Apple in one of the few cases they actually did come up with a good idea (original or not - it was more or less the blueprint for the future ultrabook spec).

Granted it was with LOTS of help from Intel - not everyone can get a custom CPU from Intel. But I would bet money that the CPU was built at the request of Apple...

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