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Multimedia, AV "Will the two screens be shown back to back? Will each screen last for 10 seconds each? Will each screen be unskippable? Yes, yes, and yes. An ICE spokesman tells me that the two screens will 'come up after the previews, once you hit the main movie/play button on the DVD. At which point the movie rating comes up, followed by the IPR Center screen shot for 10 secs and then the FBI/HSI anti-piracy warning for 10 secs as well. Neither can be skipped/fast forwarded through.'" That'll surely teach the pirates who don't buy DVDs or Blu-rays.
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Not that I support copyright violation, but I do agree with the above post. I stopped buying DVDs because of stuff like this. Terrible menus, unskippable warnings, propaganda about how "piracy is theft". I'd rather not see the movie than pay $20 for that experience. In my case it's not piracy that's costing the movie-makers the sale, it's the terrible product/experience.

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