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Multimedia, AV "Will the two screens be shown back to back? Will each screen last for 10 seconds each? Will each screen be unskippable? Yes, yes, and yes. An ICE spokesman tells me that the two screens will 'come up after the previews, once you hit the main movie/play button on the DVD. At which point the movie rating comes up, followed by the IPR Center screen shot for 10 secs and then the FBI/HSI anti-piracy warning for 10 secs as well. Neither can be skipped/fast forwarded through.'" That'll surely teach the pirates who don't buy DVDs or Blu-rays.
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by jefro on Thu 10th May 2012 00:49 UTC
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One of the fragile things this world has is that there is some expectation that we will wake up tomorrow with a chance that we can work and spend money.

I know many people think that stealing movies is not like stealing real money or taking food from babies but it is. I don't care for Hollywood's political views but I respect the fact that they have chosen to work in a field that will make them a home and way of life. The people who do single copies and those that massive copy each take away from the entire country. The country as a whole has a right to defend it's self from attacks whether they be from cyber or financial or criminal or military force.

I support the law enforcement community that tries each day to catch crooks.

Seems more than a few readers here, never had a Father or Mother teach them right from wrong.

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