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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Leo Apotheker's disastrous tenure as HP's CEO revealed a dysfunctional company struggling for direction after a decade of missteps and scandals. Can his replacement, Meg Whitman, fix the tech giant?" As a consumer, I wish they simplified their product line-up. They have the engineering skills - I just have no idea what I'm supposed to buy when I visit their site. The choice for the ZenBook late last year instead of anything HP had to offer was elementary.
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HP PCs are a poor choice
by benali72 on Thu 10th May 2012 06:10 UTC
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Great article, thanks for posting it.

Technically astute people don't buy HP PCs any more. They are are loaded with crapware and lack a Windows disk (a recovery partition is not enough). They also have marginally-useful proprietary tweaks.

In the server space HP doesn't surround their HP-branded hardware with the useful software competitors offer. Compaq-branded servers are hanging in there much better.

If Ms. Whitman can turn the HP mess around, maybe she'll have proved she would have been a good Governor after all. I'd hesitate to make any quick conclusions about her efforts. It might take years to get to an accurate judgement on her results.

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