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GNU, GPL, Open Source John Sullivan, executive director of the Free Software Foundation: "Were it grounded in reality, Oracle's claim that copyright law gives them proprietary control over any software that uses a particular functional API would be terrible for free software and programmers everywhere. It is an unethical and greedy interpretation created with the express purpose of subjugating as many computer users as possible, and is particularly bad in this context because it comes at a time when the sun has barely set on the free software community's celebration of Java as a language newly suitable for use in the free world. Fortunately, the claim is not yet reality, and we hope Judge Alsup will keep it that way." Couldn't agree more.
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RE[7]: Crazy FSF
by bowkota on Thu 10th May 2012 06:42 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Crazy FSF"
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"You're right he just has a few quirks and oddities just like any other person, a regular Joe just like you or any one else:

Wow. You just showed the lengths rabid people like you go to preserve an irrational hatred of someone and end up with an increasingly widening definition of what constitutes "batshit crazy".

Basically, if you're an uber-nerd with absolutely no social skills, then that's enough to be labelled as batshit crazy. Were you a nerd at school bowkota? Did you get bullied for it? If so, then you are arguing that you deserved it. Batshit crazy indeed.

I've worked helping people with actual mental conditions in the past.

This guy picks up things off of his feet and puts then in his mouth. He believes all the things in that link and everything else on his blog:

He Chooses to be that way and he chooses to believe those things.
THAT is what makes him batshit crazy and if you find that this is not irregular than good for you.
Maybe next time he's in town you should accommodate him for a couple of days, see how you feel after.

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