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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless This is fun. The number one iOS carrier duking it out with the company behind the world's most popular smartphone operating system. Last month, Google's lead for the Android Open Source Project, Jean-Baptiste Queru, more or less blamed carriers (see comments) for Android's upgrade woes. Yesterday, AT&T's CEO Randall Stephenson retaliated, blaming Google for the delays. And yes, Google already responded to that, too.
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No It's carriers and device makers
by NeoX on Thu 10th May 2012 16:11 UTC
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The difference between Apple and android, to an extent, is that Apple pushes out the updates for their devices, regardless of carrier. On other devices the carriers a lot of the time push out the updates.

Take for example my Xperia Play bought from AT&T. Sony pushed out the 2.3.4 update to the carriers in September of 2011. Nearly every xperia play device and carrier pushed out this update, except At&t and Verizon. Well I just read that the verizon update started getting pushed out to devices last week. But AT&T? Nope, we got an update to fix a bug in 2.3.3 and still no 2.3.4 in sight.

At&t has not finished adding their bloat and tracking software to it yet and putting it through their testing phase. So if you are on AT&T and have an Xperia Play 4g, then don't hold your breath when you see Sony pushing out all the coming 4.0 upgrades because you won't get it for at least 9 months later, if the past is an indication.

So what were you saying AT&T about whose fault it is for delays in updates??

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