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Legal "[...] despite Oracle pointing out the commercial success of Android - which would tend to weigh against a finding of fair use - it was clear that Judge Alsup wasn't inclined to side with the company. The judge even scolded Oracle counsel Michael Jacobs when he first argued his case, pointing out that the company's legal team had insisted on a jury trial and that 'now we got their verdict and you want something else'." Someone must be having a bad day.
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by glarepate on Thu 10th May 2012 16:42 UTC in reply to "Comment by cyrilleberger"
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The judge reminded Michael Jacobs, lawyer for Oracle, that they had asked for the jury to rule on the copyright issue and that now that it was done he wasn't going to overrule their verdict and say that Google had no right to fair use.

The copyright issue only consists of the protection of the structure, sequence and organization of the APIs at this point, not the use of them in programming. Since Google used Harmony to 'copy' them and Harmony is licensed under the Apache license it seems like this will not turn into a big payday for Oracle.

The patents are also allowed to be used under the GPLed versions of Java so I don't expect much to come out of that either.

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