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Windows Both Mozilla and Google have expressed concern over Windows 8. Microsoft's next big operating system release restricts access to certain APIs and technologies browsers need - only making them available to Internet Explorer. Looking at the facts, it would seem Mozilla and Google have a solid case - coincidentally, the responses on the web are proof of the slippery slope we're on regarding ownership over our own machines.
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by aaronb on Thu 10th May 2012 19:03 UTC in reply to "Comment by shmerl"
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You have obviously missed all of the concerns that people have about Apple in the past:

1. The restrictions placed what applications are available on the app store.
2. Why are there is sometimes no clear reason for applications being rejected.
3. How applications cannot access the file system.
4. Not having the choice of many [insert type of application here]s because of "duplication".

There have been many articles, rants and maybe a few open letters. In fact it is so well known now that even many "non techie" people understand this point, but still get a phone from Apple because they are use to the interface.

It is just us, minority of "techies" that are attempting to keep things open and majority of "non techies" that don't really care, they just want something that works.

One day we may live in a world where open software will just work and uncensored communication will be freely available. The just working part is nearly there, my parents can use Ubuntu without issue with all hardware just working and even upgrades between versions going well. The uncensored part is hard and requires the majority to vote with their wallets and vote at elections for non crappy governments*.

*which is probably a discussion that is not sensible to go into here because politics is political and not logical.

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