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Windows The partnership between Nokia and Microsoft deepens. Updates to Nokia Lumia devices change the Marketplace tile to a specific Nokia tile - unheard of for Windows Phone, which is governed by strict rules. This is part of the Tango update. Is this an innocent change, or the prelude to fragmentation, or worse - a fork? While that's probably a little dramatic, this probably does worry the other Windows Phone OEMs.
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If Nokia keeps getting exclusive apps, it is going to discourage others from playing. Nokia took the Microsoft $250,000 bribe to become the dominant player, but Samsung and HTC are only making these POS phones because it was part of the agreement that kept them from getting sued by Microsoft over patents! (some would call this behavior extortion!)

So what is the benefit to other manufacturers to licence and build WP7 (or WP8) devices? NONE.

What are the chances that Windows Phones will start selling in large numbers? ZERO.

What are the chances that Elop will be loaded in a heittokone and launched out a window at the next shareholders meeting? Pretty damn good!

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